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  Lobbying in Connecticut is defined as "communicating directly or soliciting others to communicate with any official or his or her staff in the legislative or executive branch of government or in a quasi-public agency, for the purpose of influencing any legislative or administrative action."

Lobbyist Terms – Who's Who

  A Client Lobbyist is the party paying for lobbying services on its behalf. In other words, the client lobbyist is expending or agreeing to expend the threshold amount of $3,000 in a calendar year. A Communicator Lobbyist receives payment and does the actual lobbying legwork (i.e., communicating or soliciting others to communicate).
  A Communicator Lobbyist receives or agrees to receive $3,000 for lobbying activities in a calendar year. A communicator lobbyist can be:
  1. An individual; or
  2. A member of a Business Organization (e.g., a firm or association that is owned by or employs a number of lobbyists), Conn. Gen. Stat. § 1-91 (t); or
  3. An In-house Communicator (a lobbyist who is a salaried employee of a client lobbyist).

Registration and Filing Specifics

  Individuals or entities are required by law to register as a lobbyist with the Office of State Ethics (OSE) if they:
  1. Expend or agree to expend $3,000 or more in a calendar year in lobbying; OR
  2. Receive or agree to receive $3,000 or more in a calendar year in lobbying.
  Once the $3,000 threshold is met, registration with the OSE is required. Registration occurs biennially (every two years) by January 15, or prior to the commencement of lobbying, whichever is later.

Client Lobbyists

  1. Client lobbyists file quarterly financial reports, with the third and fourth quarters combined. These reports are filed between the 1st and 10th days of April, July and January.
  2. To ensure timely transparency, if a client lobbyist spends or agrees to spend more than $100 in legislative lobbying while the Legislature is in regular session, that lobbyist must file monthly financial reports.
  3. The quarterly and monthly reports gather information such as compensation, sales tax and money expended in connection with lobbying; expenditures benefiting a public official or his/her staff or immediate family; all other lobbying expenditures; and the fundamental terms of any lobbying contract or agreement.

Communicator Lobbyists

  Communicator lobbyists also register upon meeting the threshold amount. Communicator lobbyists generally file a financial report once a year, due by January 10. These reports capture compensation, reimbursements from the client lobbyist and sales tax for the previous year.
  If a communicator lobbyist makes unreimbursed expenditures of $10 or more for the benefit of a public official, a member of his/her staff, or his/her immediate family, that lobbyist must also file on the client lobbyist’s schedule (either monthly or quarterly).
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